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Background Design


As the Head of Background design for GistMD, I had to take the style that was used and upgrade it to a new style that is coherent with the characters used as wall as appealing by itself.

This was the old style we were working with, it was very textured, and just out of sync with the vector-based characters we worked with.

The character design became more line and texture based, so I tried to replicate those elements in the backgrounds.

These were the final versions we were left with before the characters got re-designed as clean and sleek again.

BG Style OG_edited.jpg

After all the character allterations we decided that this type of style would work best.

Some of these backgrounds were done in collaboration with other talented artists I work with.

Miners of Kadena

This was a project that didn't come to fruition. It was supposed to be a game revolving around capybaras and NFTs. Guy Adout and I were responsible for figuring out the general look and feel, and designing the actual backgrounds.

These were the preliminary sketches I made to "feel" and figure out the textures and materials we were going to use.


These were the final backgrounds that Guy Adout and I worked on together.

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